Who We Are

Human Reaction is an association created to promote the development of the most vulnerable communities. Our team is comprised of professionals in the fields of law, economics, business and political science. Register number in the Spanish Ministry of Interior: 592046, group 1, section 1.
Since its inception, Human Reaction has worked with other Latin American associations within the framework of development cooperation. Latin America is now a priority for our organization; Human Reaction has secured funding and has channeled resources in accordance with the Aid Effectiveness Agenda. We can not forget that Latin America has stopped being poor, but it is still unequal.

Our Values

Solidarity with those who do not enjoy the right to a dignified life helping them to improved their qualities as human beings.
The certainty that there are global goods (health, education, nutrition, justice) to which all people should have access.
The belief of having a human factor that directs and coordinates the globalization.
The conviction of working by means of association or partnership with groups acting on the objectives of our cooperation activities.

Our Mission

Fighting against the lack of opportunities in disadvantage communities which leads to malnutrition, illness, lack of education or access to goods, thus hinders the development of this group of people.
Working towards improving conditions for this group, focusing on basic aspects of individual personality development, so that, combining wills, abilities and dreams be able to contribute to their endogenous development.

Our Vision

We are a group of people from a plural view of reality that shared the belief that equal opportunities make men and women better and freer, allowing them to access the fundamental right to development.
We think development is an essential right that must be oriented to human progress and towards the men and women who make up the whole humanity.

Our Lines of Action

We believe that progress must have a human character and that, in the words of Nobel laureate Amartya Sen, must be “a process of expanding human freedoms and capabilities.”
We believe that a healthy, well stablished society in which there is economic, political and social equality of opportunities is a freer society, because these and other factors allow a certain social group to be the owner of its destiny, as well as to give themselves with a future Prosperous and peaceful.
Therefore, we react to the lack of minimum conditions for the development of a dignified life within a multidisciplinary vision that can give an effective response to the problems that are a desirable development.
We react to indifference, as opposed to fair, equitable and humane progress, through human development and the defense of basic rights.

Lines of action

Cooperation for Development
Defense of Human Rights
Free legal advice