International cooperation – Human Rights – Free legal advice

Our association aims to support countries whose poverty levels are resistant to development in order to promote their stability and dynamism in the international economic system.

International Cooperation

We try to put our two cents worth and our best endeavors on activities that promote the development of disadvantaged communities.
The development cooperation has shown to be efficient when it has been applied strictly, well coordinated and honestly. Therefore, our organization it focuses in these kind of projects, extending capabilities, providing essential goods, setting the foundation of a new society that far from inequalities, walk towards a sustainable human progress.

Support Local Partners

Facilitate the exchange of information on the various pledges and funding possibilities as well as on project formulation advice.

Development Projects

Our efforts are focused on the basis of the Millennium Development Goals from the Millennium Declaration contents adopted by the United Nations by resolution 55-2 in 2000.
Our organization aims to provide support to those countries where poverty levels resist to development, focusing on promoting its stability and dynamism in the international economic system.

Human Rights

We advocate for a progress made by and for human beings where they besides, being born free and equal in dignity and rights, may lead their lives as such.
We live in an era where coexist in a diachronic way, unprecedented advances along with a terrible situation of human rights violations.
Human Reaction works through the research and support to human rights defenders to ensuring that these rights are respected around the world. Believing that the progress should include these men an women´s inalienable rights.
If you would like to help in this area, if you have a denunciation, ideas or projects please contact: gestion@hr.org.es

Free Legal Advice

Spanish Constitution – Article 24:
1. Every person has the right to the effective protection from the judges and the courts in the exercise of their rights and legitimate interests, and that in no case may there be a lack of a proper defense.
2. Also, every person has the right to an ordinary judge predetermined by law, to the defense and the assistance of counsel, to be informed of the charges against them, to a public trial without undue delay and with all guarantees, to use means of relevant evidence to their defense, not to testify against oneself, to the privilege against self-incrimination and to the presumption of innocence.
The access to justice is one of the global goods to which every women and men have the right to.
There is a growing number of people in our society that, while are not included within the concept of legal aid provided by the government, are not either able of paying a lawyer that ensures the defense of their interests. On the contrary, if they spend their limited financial resources resolving their legal issues, they´ll do it at the expense of basic needs such as food, education or health.
Human Reaction, through free legal assistance is trying to fill this gap in order to integrate this collective in the area of justice, contributing to the construction of a more inclusive and equitable society.
If you want more information or access to our free legal system please contact: juridico@hr.org.es