Our projects

  • Development of the institutional strengthening program organized by the Nicoes Foundation (Bogotá, Colombia), 2009.
  • Research on the European Union’s strategy for cooperation with Latin America, 2009.
  • Formulation of the project “the social and labor integration of people with disabilities and the promotion of their integral development in nature through therapeutic, educational, sports and recreational activities”, for the MHG Foundation (Madrid, Spain), 2010.
  • Design and formulation of the project: “implementation of a sports school as a tool for integral education and human development for the children of the village of the municipality of Calera Cundinamarca, COLOMBIA”, for the Fundación Nicoes (Bogotá, Colombia), 2010.
  • Research on international development cooperation outside the state sphere, 2011.
  • Implementation of Computer Classroom and Technological Means for strengthening the Teaching of Children with HIV / AIDS “. Positive Foundation for Life (Medellín, Colombia), 2011.
  • Legal assistance in case of eviction of housing within the framework of intra-family conflict (Madrid, Spain). 2012
  • Legal assistance in case of eviction of housing within the framework of a large family mortgage process (Madrid, Spain). 2012
  • Legal assistance for physical and verbal gender violence in the case of an immigrant couple in free union status (Madrid, Spain). 2012

Actions in Human Reaction projects

Some of the main activities of Human Reaction in favor of populations at risk:
Provide training and technical assistance to develop institutional strengthening projects for civil society organizations.
Support the application of pedagogical models that increase access and permanence in educational programs and improve the quality of education of vulnerable children, adolescents and young people.
In terms of Free Justice, our action is articulated around the orientation or advice to the groups that, not being within the area of the shift of office, also do not have the resources to hire a lawyer.
En materia de Justicia Gratuita, nuestra actuación se articula alrededor de la orientación o asesoría a los colectivos que, no encontrándose dentro del área del Turno de Oficio, tampoco poseen recursos para contratar a un abogado.

of Human Reaction projects

Some of the achievements of Human Reaction projects for development are:
We are an instrument to develop and implement policies of international development cooperation in complex contexts, such as impoverished areas of Latin America.
We have strengthened the knowledge of our local counterparts in the work of development cooperation in formulating, implementing and evaluating projects, thus making it easier for them to obtain funding for their programs.
Contribution in the improvement of the quality of life of the beneficiary populations, especially children and young people, emphasizing in strengthening their personal development in an integral and participative way, taking into account that the most important thing is the projection of the being and not the material goods.
Positive impact on the workers of our local counterparts who, through joint work, have benefited from our work, motivated by a better understanding of the development cooperation policies themselves, which serve to promote organizations working in the field of Poverty and development, with improvements in their administrative and financial strategies and procedures.

Some of the achievements of Human Reaction projects in favor of access to Free Justice

We have been able to stop evictions from families with dependent children, in situations of extreme need.
Human Reaction has provided psychological and legal support to women who have been victims of gender violence, accompanying them at all stages of these processes.